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A careful selection of machine for production are not the only area to be emphasized, but also the quality control equipment and program that will support the QC/QA team to inspect and report the quality measurement of every product.

Many quality control equipment have been put in place to ensure the quality of cup, perform and bottles to be right in specification as well as the function test such as :
  • Gawis System - AGR Tospwave
  • Combi Tester - AGR Topwave
  • Magnetic Wall Thickness Measurement
  • Height Gauge
Equipment Function & Inspection Area
Gawis AGR Topwave Neck & Body Dimension, Wall Thickness automatically for Cup, Preforms and Bottles
Combi Tester AGR Topwave Brimfull Volume, Top Load Automatic for Bottle and cups
Light Polarizer Material Flow and Preform Quality
Magnetic Wall Thickness Gauge Wall Thickness Measurement
Height Gauge Height
Vacuum Box Leak Test of Bottle with Caps*
Torque Tester Capping & De-Capping*
Digital Caliper Dimension
Quality Window SPC Program for Quality Stability Test
KFM Moisture Tritrater Moisture Content